Car eligibility check

Which Jeep is eligible to Ubigi services?

Ubigi SIM card set-up

How are the Ubigi services embedded in my Jeep Renegade/Compass?

How do I activate the WiFi services in my Jeep Renegade/Compass?

How do I connect my smartphone/tablet to the WiFi signal in my Jeep Renegade/Compass?

Ubigi account and top-up

How to create my Ubigi account ?

Where can I check Ubigi data plans available with my Jeep Renegade/Compass?

How to top-up a Ubigi account?

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

What happens after I buy a new data plan?

What happens when my data plan expires? Can I continue to use my Ubigi connectivity?

My Ubigi data usage

How do I check my remaining data allowance?

My data plan has been used quickly, what could be the reasons why?

How can I control my smartphone/tablet updates from automatically consuming my Ubigi data plan?

How to turn off the Wi-Fi hotspot in my Jeep Renegade/Compass?

My internet connection works, but the speed is very slow. What can I do?

Vehicle resale

I am selling my Jeep Renegade/Compass, what should I do with my Ubigi account?

I have purchased a Jeep Renegade/Compass as a second owner. How can I use the WiFi on-board services with Ubigi?

Resolving a connectivity issue

I do not get a network on the infotainment screen, what should I do?

I get the message “you are trying to connect to Internet without data…” when I try to get to, what should I do?

Resolving a top-up issue

I purchased a top-up, the payment has been confirmed but I do not see the top-up added in my account, what should I do?