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How do I connect my smartphone/tablet to the WiFi signal in my Jeep Renegade/Compass?

First, you need to activate the WiFi option in your car: How do I activate the WiFi services in my Jeep Renegade/Compass?

Then, ensure that network signal bars and 3G/4G icons appear at the top left-hand corner of your infotainment screen. For that, ensure that you are not in an isolated space (underground garage, inside a dealership, etc.) but rather next to a windowed space or outside building (outdoor). This will allow you to get a network easily and 3G/4G icon will appear at the top left-hand corner of your infotainment screen. If it does not, we advise you to move to another area to get better coverage and network signal.

Turn on the ignition and on the infotainment screen:

1/ Select WiFi Hotspot:

2/ Select WiFi Hotspot Setup and you will see the WiFi signal name and password:

3/ Then, you have to connect your smartphone/tablet to the displayed car Wi-Fi signal:

Once connected to the car Wi-Fi signal:
-open a browser on your smartphone/tablet
-visit ubigi.me

In case you already created your Ubigi account, you will get access right to it. Otherwise, you can refer to the following section to create your personal account: How to create my Ubigi account?

NB: In case you get an “Oops” error message at this step, please visit the following section for more help:
I get an error message “You are trying to connect to Internet without data…” when I try to get to Ubigi.me, what should I do?

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